Center Pivots

Lowest prices, no compromise on quality

The center pivot is the most widely used irrigation system in the world. The center pivot is a self-propelled system that rotates around a central pivot point. The drive mechanism for this system may use water pressure, hydraulic or electric motor propulsion systems. Most systems in use today have electric drive systems. The time required for a rotation depends on the system size, pump or well capacity and the amount of water to be applied on each application. Comparing with other irrigation methods, center pivots have many advantages including:

  • The largest area covered without earthworks.
  • 30%~50% Water saving compared to other methods,  20%~50% increased productivity.
  • Can equip with other agriculture machinery for irrigating, seeding, fertilising, gathering easily.

Durability and Reliability guaranteed

  • Pivot Point patented connector method and special seal block
  • Span, High Quality Structure​ Fully hot dip galvanised
  • Base Beam, Welded Gearbox Mounts transfer span weight & torque directly to drive wheels
  • Tower Legs, Four leg structure
  • Tower Bracing, Balanced design for uniform loading, Strength & Ability to handle terrain
  • Ball & Socket Hitch, 360 degree movement, Reduces pipe stress, Reduces friction loss, Forged Ball for increased strength
  • Crown & Deep Trussing, Reduced truss rod load, Reduced Compression, Superior performance & Durability