Pipe & Riser Systems

W&P Pumps can manage your pipe & riser construction project from start to finish, We provide turnkey irrigation systems for both gravity & pumped solutions, show us your vision and we will bring it to fruition.

  • Pumped Pipelines
  • Gravity Pipelines
  • Pipe & Riser systems
  • Road Crossings
  • Submersible Pumped Systems
  • Sewer Pipelines
  • Water mains

Safety & Quality is key

At W&P Pumps the level of safety & quailty of our work is paramount, as a family business we care about our workers and the community, we pride ourselves in creating a safe worksite to ensure everyone goes home safe, while maintaining a high standard in quality of work. This is why all our Poly Welders are accredited & certified in HDPE Pipe Welding

Project Timelines

At W&P Pumps we understand that time is money, this is why we always plan works and set milestones for projects with completion dates, you can be sure that when we start a job we do everything we can to ensure completion of your project in a timely manner.

The Pipe & Riser system is the most efficient water delivery systems in flood irrigation, W&P Pumps have been installing Pipe & Riser systems for over 20 years in the Goulburn Valley, W&P are experts in both pumped and gravity fed pipe and riser systems, some of the biggest advantages to a pipe and riser system over an on farm channel system are:

What to consider with your new pipe and riser system:

Pipe & Riser systems also help to improve crop yield by providing more accurate & precise water delivery techniques as well as on-demand irrigation without days of getting ready for your irrigation cycle.

Give the team at W&P Pumps a call today to chat about your new irrigation system!