Yandong Y4102D w/ HBC250 (10″ inch)

  • Driven by Yandong Diesel Engine, Extremely stable and reliable Diesel Motor.
  • Steel Structure body, compact easy to install and maintain, safe and extremely reliable.
  • Intelligently Controlled by a Smartgen watchdog, for safe unattended running.

Key Features

Smartgen watchdog

The Smartgen pump control system is extremely durable and can resist the influences of machinery such as, electricity, vibration, thermal stress and environmental influences. Smartgen watchdog will monitor your investment and stop if there is any risk of a failure on the motor. The Smartgen watchdogs features include automatic start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection and “three remote” function.

Pump Set
Application Irrigation/Drainage
Model RY-H650-6
Type Open Type
Flow Rate 650m³ /h
Lift Head 6m
Size(mm) N/A
Weight (Kg) N/A
Brand Yandong
Speed 1500 rpm
Model Y4102D
No. Cylinders 4
Power(Kw) 33Kw @ 1500 rpm
Cooling Method Water Cooled
Inlet Size(mm) DN250
Outlet Size(mm) DN250
Sealing Method Mechanical Seal
Model HBC 250
Control Panel
Model HGM420

Pump Curve