Solar Pump Systems

Complete Solar Pumping Solutions

W&P Pumps offer Supply and Installation of complete Solar pumping solutions, we offer:

  • Submersible Pumps
  • Surface Pumping Systems
  • Borehole Pumps
  • Pool Pumps
  • Helical Rotor Surface Pumps
  • Multistage Surface Pumps
  • Full end – to – end installation
  • Installation of Small Bore Pipeline
  • Supply and Installation of Water Tanks & Troughs
  • Solar Array
  • Solar / Diesel Hybrid Irrigation Systems

Bluetooth Connectivity with Lorentz Connected.

W&P Pumps offer Lorentz Pumping systems with Bluetooth or Cellular Connectivity so you can stay connected with your system where ever you are!

All LORENTZ Solar Water Pumping Systems are CONNECTED, this means they are easy to configure, provide rich information to technicians and customers plus they can be managed remotely.

Our CONNECTED features make configuration simple, reduce site visit costs and ensure you are informed of exactly what your life critical solar water pumping system is doing.

With our LORENTZ PumpScanner application, easily downloadable in the Google Play Store, you can configure the system with just a couple of presses on a smart device.

Customers choose LORENTZ pumps because of the advanced system features that are available via PumpScanner application

All our partners and customers can now enjoy PumpScanner in the Google Play Store. PumpScanner can be directly downloaded on any smartphone or tablet with Android 4.3 or higher. Our partners and customers can simply type in “lorentz pumpscanner” into the Google Play, click on download and enjoy the benefits of PumpScanner that include:

  • real-time and stored data access to keep track of the pump’s performance and management
  • reduced fault finding time and costs
  • access to information such as water pumped, energy and cost savings, and more advanced features such as pressure and level control
  • access to timers and speed control to manage water resources